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How to distinguish the quality of crystal electronic components?
Return list Source: 未知 Release date: 2019-12-29

The name of the crystal oscillator is simplified. The main component of the crystal oscillator is the wafer, and then the outer layers of metal and ceramics are added to make components. So what applications does this product usually have? In most cases, it is a general-purpose item, especially in various circuits, but it needs to cooperate with other parts, so as to generate vibration frequency in work. In the absence of crystal oscillator, or in the event of failure, it will cause problems in the operation of the program.
What industry products are crystal oscillators used for
Some people may have heard about crystal oscillators, but they don't know which industries they are used in. In fact, they are all daily items that are closely contacted with everyone, such as electronic equipment, vehicles and even household products. Many well-known brands specialize in this product, including the famous Epson. Although it is more useful, the quantity needed is different when it is used for different items. For example, the quantity needed in a mobile phone may not exceed 5, but the quantity needed in a TV is more, and the type of selection is different.
How to treat the quality of crystal oscillator?
Many people may not know what to do when purchasing the crystal oscillator. Some people may choose some brands first, or check the packaging directly. But sometimes only through the appearance, there may be no way to get reliable results. If you buy it back and find it unstable in the working state, it may be related to the parameters. So you need to check the title of the book, communicate with the merchants, understand the parameters of the product, including frequency, possible deviation, etc., so as to help the final selection of high quality.
The above is about the introduction of the crystal oscillator. For most people, it's necessary to know its relevant information, such as its function and purchase method, so that they can use it easily.

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