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What is the working principle of DC power supply?
Return list Source: 未知 Release date: 2019-12-29

Today's era is an era of knowledge changing life. The reason why we can improve our quality of life is that we have good policy guidance. In addition, people's R & D and creation of related technologies. DC / DC power supply, as a power module, is now widely used. However, many friends are very unfamiliar with DC / DC power supply, so DC/ How does DC power work? What are the characteristics of DC / DC power? Next, jinyouheng Electronics will introduce the relevant knowledge of DC / DC power:
1: Working principle of DC / DC power supply
The working principle of DC / DC is realized by the idea of switching power supply, because there are two kinds of situations: step-down and step-up. In the case of input voltage, the way of step-down will have the filtering effect of capacitance, and in the process of re amplification, it is easy to appear the calculus of intermediate pulse and present the DC waveform, and the voltage carried by the waveform is the input voltage Half of it. The DC / DC power supply can avoid the power consumption on the module by working far away from it, and then produce the corresponding effect we need.
2: Characteristics of DC / DC power supply
Combined with the current DC / DC power supply, the current DC / DC power supply is relatively small in volume and stronger in reliability. In addition, when the output voltage is stable, the accuracy is relatively high, and the use of this method is very high from the perspective of cost performance, and it can be used for a variety of input and output voltages.
Also because DC / DC power supply has such sharp characteristics, we can see its application in the corresponding equipment of industrial instruments, digital circuits or some high-precision fields. The above is the introduction of DC / DC power supply, hoping to help you.

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